The Geekwave Episode 43: Brian Wiser, Professional Geek


Logan Erickson

What’s up Geekdom?

This week on The Geekwave we have Brian Wiser, the man who makes geek look like a full time profession! He is a long time fan of Firefly and Serenity, co-produced/directed the Firefly documentary Done The Impossible, loves Apple with a dying passion, publishes books, speaks at geek conventions across the United States, is a game designer and much much more. Deep down inside, we geeks all want to be like Brian, meet our favorite characters and talk about what we love. From when we first met Brian, to walking him out after we finished (at which point he mentioned that he met Robin Williams after walking across the Golden Gate Bridge), we heard one amazing tail after another. He has so many stories and we only get to get a glimpse on this episode.




Episode 43 is a combination of these geeky tales covering Brian’s very exciting life. From his experience as an extra in the Firefly movie Serenity to taking the Firefly cast on a cruise, he is one heck of a Firefly geek. We also talk a lot about his work on books and interest in Apple. He worked on the book WOZPAK Special Edition and recently released Nibble Viewpoints from Mike Harvey. Additionally, he just finished a game called Structris which follows the retro style of Tetris with a twist. Did we mention it was originally programmed on an Apple II computer? The whole time we were wondering how does he do this all? Checkout the links below for more of the interesting endeavors of Brian:



Listen to the episode for the details on the astounding stories and make sure to look for Brian Wiser at upcoming cons and geek events. Have a great weekend and geekout!

-The Geekwave

Images provided by Brian Wiser