The Booket List Episode 8: Halloween Reads!


Kimmy Workman

Hey Everyone!

This week on The Booket List Kimmy and Brennan talk about their favorite Halloween time reads. Which are not horror, or thriller, or really anything remotely Halloween themed. Or so we thought, turns out Brennan really loves to read about Non-Fiction serial killer stuff. If you want to lose faith in humanity you can check out Deviant by Harold Schechter here. If you are more of the Young Adult cheesy alien fiction (that may or may not have some awful romance in it, since apparently all YA Romances suck…) you can check out The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout here.

I mean look at these book covers.



Now tell me, would you rather read a book with a creepy dude’s face on it? Or a book with half a girl’s face and an upside down dude in a hoodie?

Well, when I look at them side by side they look equally as weird. So we’ll leave it to genre preference. YA Paranormal Book, pick the upside down dude. Non-fiction retelling of Serial Killer, the creepy dude would be perfect for you.


If you have a book that you would recommend before ever touching our reads let us know in the comments on our Facebook post we would love to hear about it!


Till next week,

Kimmy & Brennan