The Booket List Episode 3: All About The Hosts!


Kimmy Workman

Sup Peeps!

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Booket List!  This week we start our episode with yet another awkward pause from Chris. First we talk about our favorite books. Chris has a deep love for Tolkien and The Lord of The Rings. Reading them over the summer and for a class this semester? My goodness, that’s a lot of Lord of The Rings. As for me, it’s not possible to give only one book. So I have a list starting with “The Maximum Ride” Series by James Patterson, the classic read of my childhood. We talk about reading and high school for a while, and I have a torturous story about sharing books.

Our next question is, “What do you like to do besides read?”,  Chris likes to play video games, play the guitar, and write stuff. That’s a direct quote. We learn that Both of us really love to play Dungeons and Dragons, and Chris hates running pre-made adventures. Both of us started playing DnD with 3.5 Edition, which is obviously the best Edition. But, not exactly the easiest edition to learn. But, dice rolls can be extremely annoying no matter what edition you play in, thanks to your Dungeon Master (the one that runs the story, for those of you who don’t know). Really though, when you roll a nat 20 to jump over a wall. *face palm*, after our really long tangent into DnD town, we continue on and its my turn to answer. I play the Cello, I like to play video games particularly Halo and The Elder Scrolls games.  Chris gives me some advice on starting the Dark Souls Games. Also, the new Guitar Hero controller is weird, more realistic, but weird. Besides the occasional video game i do spend a lot of time on homework and at work.

My personal favorite question was “What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?” Chris loves The Lord of The Rings movies, but really loathes The Hobbit movies.  I found that really weird, I agree to a point but I still enjoyed The Hobbit movies. Chris really didn’t like when he learned i’ve only seen the Lord Of The Rings movies once. Next up it’s my turn, I talk about loving both the Eragon movie and book as two separate entities, and how awesome the Harry Potter movies are, and remembering how I wished certain things would’ve been great to see. We run of another tangent about our dislike of when people write for money rather than for the art or your love of reading.

Our last question, Chris really doesn’t have an opinion about. And I do, i find it really annoying waiting in between release dates for new books in a series. So I like to wait till a series is finished so i can read it all the way through.

Well, we had a really great time getting to know more about each other this week, if you have any stories or answers you want to share from our questions feel free! We would love to hear from you!

Peace out peeps!