The 20th Anniversary show with Reel Big Fish


Reel Big Fish at The Depot

Caitlin Jones

Since the 1990’s, Reel Big Fish has been showing up and playing some of the best ska shows around. Along with bands like Save Ferris and Mustard Plug, Reel Big Fish has been promoting their name for over 20 years. Recently Reel Big Fish started a new tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album “Turn the Radio Off”. It has become a tradition for me to see Reel Big Fish whenever I get the chance. I wasn’t about to break that tradition now.

The show was at The Depot, which is one of my favorite venues. Each step I took up the stairs I got more and more anxious to see who was opening. I walked onto the main floor and saw the banner “Ballyhoo!” hanging up. I immediately went into fan-girl mode. Ballyhoo! is a band that I have recently started to follow with the start of my reggae and ska show on the radio. They have a great up-beat tempo and can put a smile on your soul. It was a good surprise for the expecting.


Pew Pew Pew was the first opener, followed by Ballyhoo!. Their performances got me warmed up for the later bands. Then it time came for Anti-Flag, the floor was crowded and the pit crowd seemed ready to go. You could see the patches on the jean vests that were all different punk bands logos. Those fans were ready to let go of their limbs and let them fly and I was at the edge to see it all happen. Their set was incredibly entertaining and they kept the crowd moving. Up next, was Reel Big Fish.

For the anniversary of their album “Turn the Radio Off”, Reel Big Fish played the entire album from beginning to end, starting with “I Want Your Girlfriend”. This album released in

Stage Set List

August of 1996 and was Reel Big Fish’s second full-length album. This album included their hit single “Sell Out” that received success in 1997. Through the years, Reel Big Fish has continued to make their name more known is the world of ska and punk music.

For the first two songs of Reel Big Fish, I was up front against the railing. It was so incredible to be that close to a band that I had always had a dream about meeting. Though after the first couple of songs, I wanted to enjoy the show and not worry about getting trampled so I moved back to the edge of the skank pit. I was waiting for the right time to join in one the pit. When Sell Out came on I jumped in and started kicking my legs and swinging my arms with a grin on my face and music in my ears. I took breaks here an there to catch my breath but I never stopped dancing for Reel Big Fish.

Each song they sang, I sang and every time they said jump, I jumped. From “I want your girlfriend” to “Take on me” they had my attention. This show was one for the books and was unforgettable. There was a smile on my face from Pew Pew Pew to Reel Big Fish. I always look forward to seeing ska shows and live shows in all. There is magic inside of live concerts and shows and it is every persons right to see a live concert at least once in their lifetime. The next time a ska show comes into town you can count on seeing me there.