Digisaurus: No More Room for Love


Lauren Gutierrez

In 2015 artist and producer James Allison collaborated with local Ohio musicians and visual artists to start a project called Digisaurus, a futuristic synthpop and rock band with funk and R&B influences. Allison dove in head first when he decided to sell his house, shut down his recording studio and quit his job to go on the Solo Spring Tour of 2016. With great risk comes great reward and now after the tour’s successful completion, he is doing a summer tour across various cities in the U.S. with shows booked through the fall.

The opening title track on the debut EP, No More Room for Love, begins with a robotic voice that asks, “how am I going to get over this?”. The song suggests the attitude of someone who has been so heartbroken they can’t bring themselves to love again so instead they are out to “get some” in an attempt to get over their heartache. From there it jumps right into a self-described “60’s pop to modern day funk, while dealing with the dismissal of love and conflict within the human psyche.” If the record title and bleeding heart cover art weren’t enough to clue you in, the theme deals with the turmoils of love.

Their first single, “Make a Move”, describes the dynamics of the relationship. It’s a funky tune with the singers falsetto woven in, “Finally I’ve found some room to breathe / Wrapped around your finger.” Although the lyrics aren’t necessarily the clearest indication of what’s at play it denotes that he is infatuated with this person. A super cool baritone voice comes in at the bridge saying, “he is feeling smooth”, emphasizing just how suave this person makes him feel.

Their latest single, “Without Me”, starts off with a contagious guitar riff and draws you in with a beat that makes you want to dance. The song’s lyrics are telling of a tug of war taking place in the singer’s head as he tries to make sense of his relationship.

“I’ve been told common tales about me / I’m not sure where they’re coming from / I’ve been told stranger things corrupt me / I don’t know what they’re coming for.” I get the sense in this verse that he is feeling bitter over the gossip he hears about himself because he knows he tried to make the relationship work.

“Without me / the future pounds / and you can’t bring yourself to take it back.” This verse sounds like he was taken for granted and the person now misses him but can’t admit it. Then again, I may be reading into it just a little bit. The lyrics are definitely up for interpretation but the instrumentals and vocals are a solid combination.

The end of the record winds down to a slower pace and dreamy groove. “Them fools ain’t got nothin’ on me / I’m the baddest human being.” He is really feeling himself in this song even if I’m not totally sure what he is getting at. Whatever the case, Digisaurus is paving their way across the country to get their futuristic vibes heard from coffee shops to rock venues. You can see them live in Salt Lake City on August 15-16 at the Dawg Pound.