Dr. Cassells Pharma of the Week: Cam’ron – Purple Haze – 2004

Dr. Cassells Pharma of the Week: Cam’ron - Purple Haze - 2004

Geoffrey Sutyak

Cam’ron – Purple Haze – 2004


Purple Haze is the fourth studio album by Harlem rapper Cam’ron, member of the Diplomats. Listening to the album envelopes you in Cam’s mindset. The self proclaimed king of harlem guides you effortlessly through a world of drugs and misogyny with his infectious self assured tone. All Cam’ron knows is this life, and he shares both his experiences and views unashamedly. His callous regard of women is inescapable and while ugly, is just another reality of his world.


“Any girl I get, I totally open ’em

Brain and they legs,

cokin’ and dopin’ ’em”

Even scenes of violence are described with his characteristically bored attitude.


“Observe, cock, and spray

We hit you from a block away

Drinking saki on a Suzuki in Osaka Bay”

Cam’s cocky attitude knows no bounds. The man uses an opera singer to sing a hook that is little more than his name repeated over and over without a hint of irony and it works as delivered by his self described “1970’s Heron Flow.”.


“So I parked in a tow-away zone,

Chrome I don’t care;

that car a throwaway holmes.”


The features compliment Camron from the get go. Following the introduction brings Santana as the hype man whose energy on “More Gangster Music” acts as a appetizer that sets the stage for Cams smooth flow to take control.

“They say I walk around like I got a S on my chest
Tech on my left, gangstaz wit me ready to step.
I like a chick wit big breasts on her chest
Not flat lookin like somebody stepped on her chest”

Jim Jones on the west coast influenced track  “The Dope Man” holds his own dropping killer lines and setting the tracks vibe with his unconventional hook.


“My momma always told me aim for the sky
So I, came out bangin and aiming at guys
It was, mainly slangin that ‘caine by the pies
And the, fiends was payin for dangerous high”

Down and out brings one of the only rappers able to go toe-to toe with Cam’s arrogance as Kanye backs up Cam’s claims of excellence. Unfortunately Kanye is only standing in to deliver the hook, essentially bowing down and allowing Cam to steal the show.


You got pets? Me too: mine are dead
Fox, minks, gators that’s necessary
Accessories, my closet’s a “Pet Sematary”
I get approached by animal activists


Each of the skits act as evidence to back up Cam’s grandiose claims as he deals with an angry rasta, a jealous chicken head, crackheads, and a mother with questionable decision making skills. In each instance an unfazed Cam handles the situation with the cool judgment of a machiavellian.


[Cam’ron:] Hey Yo Shorty Wuts Going On Wuts Popin’
[Girl:] oh shit wuts up killa wuts going on
[Cam’ron:] Hey Yo I’m trying to go out of town U tryin’ to go wit me
[Girl:] how long U goin’ 4
[Cam’ron:] look man that shit dont mader, wut U gonna do comin’ or not
[Girl:] well I got my kids killa wuts up wut about my kids
[Cam’ron:] Man fuck ur kids man U comin’ or not
[Girl:] Yea I’m comin’
[Cam’ron:] K get in bitch
[Girl:] Yeah they grandma can watch them


Purple Haze delivers a shot of testosterone that is sure to get your life on track. As a doctor, it is my professional opinion that all fans of Hip-hop give it a listen with the caveat that you be prepared for the side effects.

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