Review: Hamilton, An American Musical

Joseph Hutchins

How is there not a review for this on here yet? You should know what Hamilton is by now, and if not you’re in for a treat. The show is the the best musical to grace broadway since Wicked.

The show follows the historical figure Alexander Hamilton. A man I’ve admired since I took APUSH back in highschool. The man is the reason why we say “United States is” instead of “United States are”. The actual musical is very different for broadway, seeing as it’s hip-hop, or at least as hip-hop as broadway will ever get. Personally I had never listened to any actual hip-hop before this, but it acts as a sort of ‘gateway drug’ to harder songs.

The show was written by the genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, and he takes you on the emotional rollercoaster that is the life of Alexander Hamilton. The show’s first act has a feeling reminiscent of the last act of Les Miserables, with a ragtag group of young men starting a revolution but spoilers, this time the rebels win. There’s also a romance story mixed into the battles, filled with it’s own complications of love triangles, cheating, and having a family. The second act begins with the end of the revolutionary war and the creation of the United States constitution, and the show ends with the tragic death of Hamilton at the hands of his friend and rival Aaron Burr (which is stated in the first 5 minutes, so I’m not spoiling anything).

The only drawback about the show is that tickets are sold out until late next year, and it will be a good long time before the University will be able to do it.

It’s so good, I’m listening to it as I’m writing this and the only left to say is that it’s the best thing I’ve heard in a long time, and you NEED to hear it.