Legit Food Reviews – The Pie Hole

Legit Food Reviews - The Pie Hole

Stewart Wells, DJ

The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole is a somewhat tucked away gem in downtown Salt Lake. Located on State St and University Blvd makes it easy to access from campus with red-line trax or by parking across the street at the Salt Lake Public Library. The convenient location also makes it easy to spend the rest of the day downtown enjoying what downtown SLC has to offer. Or you can always head back to campus after your break for lunch to keep studying! The Pie hole is also open until 2AM for late night pizza cravings after your long day of classes or night downtown!


You can order by the slice or just order whole pizzas.  Beer from local breweries or local “Stubborn Soda” provide unique drinks to accompany your pizza. The Pizzas offered on their menu are unique and very well named; from pizzas like The Ninja Pie, to Munchy Mango, or just a more simple roasted red pepper and basil. Everyone should be able to find a unique pizza to try! Vegan slices are also an option, so if that’s what you’re looking for, fear not! Be sure to check out their facebook page for ‘secret menu’ items that are posted rather frequently as well.

Hangin’ out

The Pie Hole has an atmosphere reminiscent of the Pi Pizzeria. (For those of you who haven’t visited the Pi, it’s close to campus and is worth dropping by with some friends as well!) It gives the vibe of a back-alleyway pizza joint while still being safe and very cleanly. Visitors frequently write or paint directly on the brick walls displaying their local artwork. This makes the bathroom graffiti quite colorful and often times uncommonly beautiful!


At the back of the restaurant there are a couple arcade and pinball machines. Lately they’ve been sporting a Mrs. Pacman and Galaga machine, and an Adam’s family pinball machine, however these do rotate out every now and then. Besides pinball and arcade machines you can often watch employees throw pizza dough.

The Pie Hole is definitely worth a visit, being able to order pizza by the slice is nice for a college student on their budget!