The Magic of Music: FRENSHIP


Sophia Chartrand

These two men definitely know how to mix up different genres at once to blend and create amazing sounds!

FRENSHIP is an American indie-pop duo consisting of artists James Sunderland and Brett Hite. They are known for their most famous hit, “Capsize”, sung by Emily Warren, which was released last June and was charted in multiple countries. The song also reached No. 1 on Hype Machine and has had at least 360 million streams on Spotify! Because of their success, their follow-up single “1000 Nights” has over 14 million streams and is still continuing to grow throughout different Alternative radios.

I clearly remember the first time I listened to their top hit, “Capsize.” I was walking down the streets of London and experiencing the different sounds of the city that gave off a “foreign” vibe. I loved it and I wanted to hear more; especially being in a different country and then finding out they’re American musicians. Either way, their sound was on-point, and that’s when I knew they were a great band.

Recently, I just happened to watch their set at this year’s Bonanza Campout, and they were one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen in my life. When they played “Capsize”, my memories flew back to when I was in the UK all over again. Perfect moment!

That being said, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with James and Brett and talk about their success and future with their music!

K-UTE: Coming from different parts of the U.S, how did all of you meet and begin this band?

FRENSHIP: We used to work part-time jobs at Lululemon, selling women’s spandex for a while in the heart of LA! We started together with writing and producing it all. A buddy from preschool became our drummer and then a roommate became our guitarist. Long story short, we wrote a song called “Capsize” and needed a girl to sing it! We then hired Celeste to sing and play the keyboard.

K-UTE: Why did you particularly choose Emily Warren to be your singer in “Capsize”?

FRENSHIP: We worked well with her because she was very easygoing and she fit our vibe on the creation side of things and her voice was incredible! She sounds great in everything you do with it!

K-UTE: When “Capsize” rose to the top of the charts, when did you start performing at bigger concerts, festivals, etc.?

FRENSHIPBonanza Campout was actually our first festival that we have played at! At the beginning of last summer, we started getting big. We had a fall tour and then played some bigger shows last winter.

K-UTE: What was your favorite thing about Bonanza Campout this year?

FRENSHIP: The scenery was gorgeous! We love the mountains right by the reservoir. We loved the crowd also; they were super friendly!

K-UTE: I hear sometimes fans confuse you two of being an EDM duo instead of an indie-rock duo. How often do you get that?

FRENSHIP: Currently not so much anymore! However, when “Capsize” came out, the song came off as electronic. It’s not a big deal because we have a collective taste. We have only been playing as a five-piece band for around five to six months, so if people are confused, they should see us perform and they will see that we are a five-piece!

K-UTE: Do you two have upcoming projects or releases coming out soon?

FRENSHIP: We have been working our butts off since January and started writing for the next round of music. We have a somewhat album coming up and we hope to release it maybe this year, but probably in early 2018!

K-UTE: What genre would you say this album consists of?

FRENSHIP: It’s a mix of everything! It has a lot more “live” feel to it. All of the songs will end up feeling like a band a bit more than a produced track for a pop singer kind-of-thing. I think it’s going to translate into more “live” than our past year of music.

K-UTE: Why did you two decide to work at Lululemon and what is your favorite product from the company?

FRENSHIP: One of us lived two blocks from there and he didn’t want to drive to work so you could say he was lazy and got a job there because it was close! We love their men’s boxers!

Check out FRENSHIP on their Facebook and Spotify! Also check out their latest hit, “1000 Nights”!