[The EDM Underground] Artist of the Week: Astronaut.


Geoffrey Sutyak

Ever since their introduction to the EDM scene in a release alongside Statix and Eddie K, Astronaut has become a prominent face in house music. The duo, consisting of Ross Burr and Dan Goudie are from Bristol, UK, has since released through Monstercat and Disciple Records. They’ve collaborated with many different artists, from the likes of Eyes, Far Too Loud, and Black Tiger Sex Machine; even having released an entire EP (as the soundtrack for a game) with Barely Alive.
This mix features some of their best tracks. The mix starts with Pinball, their first track I ever heard, and I’d never heard a song like it. It’s like a track ripped straight from a game like Monkey Ball or Sonic Pinball.
Following that, we mix Witchcraft and Lunar from their most recent EP, “Dark Arts.” As the newest music to come out of the duo, it’s some of the dirtiest, grittiest, hardest house they’ve ever released. With beats and growls this heavy, one can begin to hear the influences of Barely Alive.
In the middle of the mix is the hardest track: Rockers. As a collab with Black Tiger Sex Machine, the two of them managed to create some of the hardest house in existence.
The last song of note is Astronaut’s remix of Collide by Hellberg featuring Splitbreed. This song was actually the song that made me follow them on SoundCloud, so this one holds a special place in my heart. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself for not playing it.
Follow the link below to hear the mix:
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