[The EDM Underground] Featured GENRE Mix: Video Game Remixes


Xavier Humberg

The following article contains references to Undertale, but no spoilers. Still, you’ve been warned.

Video games, or ‘Nintendo’ as collectively referred to by those over the age of 30, are one of my passions. I’d never list on anything, or answer with it if you were to ask me, but it’s most definitely there. I figured it’d be fine if I mixed that passion with my passion for music. The resulting mix ended up rather long, clocking it at over an hour and 20 minutes, and contains ALOT from my latest game obsession: Undertale.

The mix starts off with one of those remixes: Megalovania from Undertale. The artist, VideoGameRemixes (such creativity, much wow), is one of the artists I kept returning to in the mix (In fact, his music makes up 19% of the mix), and for good reason. For being remixes in only the lightest sense of the word, this artist managed to transform the 8-bit songs from Undertale into something a little more mix friendly. And by a little, I mean…just give it a listen.

Another artist of note: DJ Jo. As an artist I’d found my Junior Year of High School, I’d written him off since he started delving into more Japanese styles (think Hatsune Miku Remixes), and that’s just not my cup of tea. Upon making this mix, I almost completely forgot about him, but he’s now the most prominent artist in the mix. Boasting an incredible 28% of the mix, his music definitely shaped the style of most of the mix.

Here the whole mix here:


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