Geek Wish-List: When Daydreams Become Real


Lee Neuschwander

Hello everyone, It’s time again for the Wish-List update. If you’re like me, I’m sure daydreaming is an everyday thing. For some people, the daydream doesn’t stop when reality sets in. There are, in my opinion, a few very lucky people who are skilled enough to turn these concept into reality.

We’ll call this fan-art. To be honest, some of it is downright breathtaking. Other types are funny, and make me laugh. As a non-drawing person, my only disappointment is, I can’t create ideas in my head as fan-art. I do like seeing if people who can share my idea, and have actually drawn it. And if it ever appeared in an Anime Store, I’d squeal with delight and buy it all then and there.

Many people would just say I should practice drawing, and I’ll soon be able to draw like a master. Until then, I’ll search Deviant Art for that particular drawing of One Punch Man vs. Deadpool.

I’ve decided to break this Wish-List into the three types of fan-art I generally look through to find art I like or want to use. First, the humorous section, then non-canon fan-art, and finally, event redoes.

One Punch Man vs Deadpool Aron Hines The Geekwave
One punch man vs deadpool: By Aron Hines from


Last week I showed work from Pocket Princesses, which fits nicely into Humorous fan-art because Amy Mebberson puts preexisting characters we know into laughable situations.. I usually see this kind of fan-art in web comics, or as memes if they’re good enough.

Humorous fan-art shows characters in specified scenarios to remind us why a their habits, good or bad, are funny. A good example might be Elsa from Frozen after finding out Anna wants to marry Kristoff, just like Hans. My favorite humorous fan-art shows how favorite characters react to others in the same universe in different and unique ways.
Zelda revealed : by _____ from


Categorically speaking, my vote for the most creative type of fan-art is ‘Non-Canon,’ where we see things like Elsa X Jack Frost or Loki playing with anything and everything in this world, or the next. I personally like it when people show two different characters with similar personalities or skills clash from totally different universes. Some of the best I’ve seen include Deadpool crossing into other universes or when different movie characters collide. I absolutely love it when anime charters hang out with each other. by Nohealsfoyou
Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and Ichigo Coloring : by Nohealsforyou (


Event redoes are fun because you get to see how a recent event, something you watched, or story you read impacts other people. It’s fun to see their take on things. This area of fan art seems more about self-expression and style, so I spend a little less time in this category. I enjoy alternative takes on familiar events, battles, and well-known relationships. Even more interesting are the comparisons between views. by Lap Pun Cheung
Final Fantasy VII Part 6 : by Lap Pun Cheung from ( Alternative version below.
Final Fantasy VII : by JFRteam (

Now that I’ve shown you what fan-art I enjoy, I can tell you about next week. My hopes and dreams for the new Final Fantasy game. Though I haven’t played all of the games, and doubt I ever will, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on its progress. I think this might be one Final Fantasy I seriously attempt to finish.